Salesforce and All Major Finance Integration Features That Save You Time and Money

Businesses that are considering Salesforce integration with financial software can expect many time and cost-saving benefits. Utilizing major finance payment processors such as NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Xero means that they need Salesforce integration to ensure robust functionality.

However, when it comes to finance systems, not all Salesforce integrations are created equal. Check out these major finance integration features that are a must for saving time and money with Salesforce integration.

Time Savers Using NetSuite and Salesforce Integration

Companies using NetSuite need a solution that is easy and reliable. While they can partner with service providers such as Plative, which specializes in NetSuite consulting or a cloud-based iPaaS integration platform like Celigo, Salesforce integration with NetSuite features is paramount. That’s where Salesforce partners like Plative, Celigo, and Breadwinner can make all the difference.

Installation and configuration are quick and easy, as Breadwinner uses a Salesforce Sandbox that gets clients up and running in about an hour. After the Salesforce and NetSuite integration is complete, businesses can immediately create NetSuite Estimates, Sales Orders, Credit Memos, and Invoices all within Salesforce.

Why waste time managing data when Breadwinner makes it so easy to view NetSuite data in Salesforce? Breadwinner is designed to ensure that all NetSuite data is kept up-to-date, and Salesforce intuitively stores this data in its native objects. Clients looking for more customized data views can create pre-configured pages that make sense for their business.

Prebuilt Salesforce and NetSuite integration also saves valuable time. Celigo, for example, streamlines integration by enabling Salesforce and NetSuite sync opportunities, accounts, quotes, orders, financials, and other data. In addition, they offer support for advanced features like channel sales and e-signature.

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Easy Access, Quick Invoicing, and Address Sync with QuickBooks and Salesforce Integration

Financial software QuickBooks is widely used in the business world. Clients looking for QuickBooks and Salesforce integration need a solution that offers flexible, cost-saving functionality. Business leaders know that time is money, which is why Breadwinner’s Salesforce and QuickBooks integration capabilities put this catchphrase into action.

Businesses using Breadwinner for Salesforce integration with QuickBooks quickly learn that flexible features make all the difference. Using Salesforce and QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, or QuickBooks Enterprise integration, clients can create invoices anywhere, making it easy to stay on track with timely invoicing regardless of where they are.

Also, when a new invoice is created, it automatically pre-populates invoices from both Salesforce records and their child records. Automatic invoice population functionality also allows clients to pull data from default fields, create QuickBooks custom fields, or create specific fields for due dates, discounts, pricing, and tax rates.

Through Breadwinner for Salesforce integration with QuickBooks, clients save time on managing addresses by eliminating double entries and maintaining accurate address information. The Breadwinner Address Sync feature empowers clients to quickly identify and update address discrepancies between Salesforce and QuickBooks.

This feature also offers clients the flexibility to assign multiple QuickBooks companies to a single Salesforce Account. Workato also enables businesses to sync both new and updated accounts from Salesforce to QuickBooks. After a user creates or updates an account in Salesforce, Workato searches for a matching customer by account name. Based on search results, Workato automatically either creates or updates the customer record.

Improve Financial Communication with Xero and Salesforce Integration

Integrating Xero with Salesforce offers several features that improve client cash flow while saving them precious time. Businesses can alleviate information gaps between Xero and Salesforce by accessing Xero data directly from Salesforce. OneSaas, for example, unifies billing and invoicing by ensuring that when users create an invoice that is instantaneously created in Xero.

Breadwinner allows clients to view invoices in Salesforce, which streamlines communications between sales and finance teams. This means that sales teams can provide timely service by having their customer’s current financial status at their fingertips. For example, using Breadwinner’s unique four-step setup wizard gives businesses the benefit of integrating Salesforce and Xero within a matter of minutes. Once the integration is complete, businesses can enjoy several game-changing features that improve financial communication and data accuracy.

Leverage Xero and Salesforce Integration to Maximize Data Accuracy

Regardless of the size of the team, data entry mistakes can happen, especially when it comes to capturing contact information. What’s more, contact information is critical for sales and financial team follow up with customers.

Salesforce and Xero Integration solutions like Breadwinner and Commercient make it easy for users to access and edit Xero contacts. Clients using either solution can give staff access to both view and edit customer contact details. Commercient uses the SYNC technology to allow front-office teams to see critical details such as accounting information, contracts, business financial performance, and customer records. Breadwinner leverages Xero’s live syncing features to ensure contact information accuracy while creating a secure sharing environment for accounts receivable data.

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Additional Time-saving Salesforce Integration Resources

To take advantage of the benefits of integrating Salesforce with Xero or other financial software, businesses can find many benefits of features offered by partners like Plative, Celigo, Workato, OneSaas, Commercient, and Breadwinner.

Businesses looking for Salesforce consultancies can also reach out to a number of other reputable service companies. Small and medium-sized businesses can connect with Cloud Trailz, which focuses on SMB Salesforce Consulting. Businesses located abroad can visit for options for UK Salesforce consulting or contact Destined for Sydney Salesforce consulting.